“Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous.” – Source: ???

WARNING: This is my first blog.  Ever. So give me break.

If you are reading this, it is not an accident. I say this because I know the quote above to be absolutely True in my life.

What I don’t know is whether you are someone who has already read OM∙less?, liked it, and therefore probably believe this quote, too, or if you are still a skeptic, trying to decide if OM∙less? is worth your time and money.

Let me speak to the second group today:  Good for you! No book is for everyone, and there are so many wonderful ways to spend your energy, you are right to be discerning.  So let me tell you a bit about this book, and you can choose for yourself.

OM∙less? is based upon the premise that nothing True is New. The quote above is a perfect example of this.  It has been attributed to everyone  from an 18th century English Earl who said,  “What is called chance is the instrument of Providence,” to French novelist Anatole France, who said, “Chance is the pseudonym of God when He did not want to sign,” to Albert Einstein, who was credited with the version I used above and probably never said anything like that at all. The point is, Truth doesn’t belong to any one person.  Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said he couldn’t define “hard-core pornography,” but, “I know it when I see it.” I think the same applies to Truth.

OM∙less? doesn’t claim to be anything except a fresh way of looking at timeless concepts.  It is both irreverent and spiritually-based.  The irreverent part is “Sue Bliss”, a nickname that refers to my alter-ego, who is responsible for doing things like comparing pornography to Truth, as I did in the previous paragraph.  The spiritual part is Grace, whom I know to be the real author of OM∙less?. If you want a clearer explanation of this distinction, you will have to read the book.